Friday, June 1, 2012

Attention Promoters - Karamanti now available for bookings


The most lyrical female in Reggae/Dancehall

Though the Reggae/Dancehall industry is dominated by men, Karamanti stands as a strong black woman, (in her home town of Kingston, Jamaica) raining showers of conscious lyrics to a generation far from reality.

Karamanti has had an interest in music most of her life but only began to really apply herself over the past couple of years. Being inspired musically by artist such as Lauryn Hill, she made the decision that her songs must always be real and chose not to be like so many other women in the Dancehall whose lyrical content seems limited to men, sex and self. This along with her ability to write coherent stories in her tunes makes her a unique recording artist and everyone who hears her music notices.

Having recently hired a street and online promo team, Karamanti is currently putting a road map in place to ensure that her music is heard by as many persons as possible. She has spent the last few months recording on rhythm driven projects (for various record labels) that include artists such as Bugle, Chino, Sizzla, Turbulence and others. Additionally, she has done some recording for international producers on opposite sides of the musical scale; For Strike Dee who is based in Ghana, Africa, Karamanti penned the “African song”, which was released a short while ago in that country and is doing quite well. And for Pharfar who is based in Denmark, she recorded “Balkan dance”, a catchy pop song for the clubs that is also doing good. Though she is regarded as a reality artist, Karamanti has no problems stepping outside the box from time to time which is what she did when she voiced “di antidote”, a hip-hop single for C-Sol out of Canada. Another piece of the road map that was recently updated is Karamanti’s official online blog which has all the relevant information about the artist and her career; Karamanti and her team have committed to putting together a full length album by the end of the year and as such, they are working very hard to spread the music of the lady many regard as the most underrated female lyricist in Jamaica.


1.      Nah lef mi yaad (old school riddim by Russcuttaz Production – November 2010)
2.      Gone up (preview riddim by Money Green Musiq – January 2011)
3.      Free tonight (tour riddim by Zinc House Records – April 2011)
4.      The tribute song (raid riddim by Money Green Musiq – April 2011)
5.      Don’t it (sudden death riddim by Hard At Work Music – June 2011)
6.      We a standstill (life cycle riddim by Frenz For Real – July 2011)
7.      Money affi mek (collaboration with Ceekaih – July 2011)
8.      Twang (get gyal riddim by Imperial Bash Records – October 2011)
9.      Who you are (betta way riddim by Detroite Avenue Productions – October 2011)
10.  Gwaan deejay (hilltop riddim by Digitalize Records – October 2011)
11.  Refill (mix cd done by DJ Triple Crown – November 2011)
12.  Question (love ache riddim by Rokwon Productions – December 2011)
13.  Your thing dat (heatwave riddim by QB Recordz – January 2012)
14.  Balkan dance (for Food Palace Music – January 2012)
15.  Is everything good (wat’s poppin riddim by Digitalize Records – February 2012)
16.  African song (love to love riddim by S-Dee Music – February 2012)
17.  Right now (reggae wave riddim by Phamily Productions – March 2012)
18.  This me a do (zinc fence riddim by Deal Wid It Records – May 2012)
19.  My baby (fros dem riddim by MJE & Lyon House Muzik – May 2012)

Reviews & Feedbacks

“What a Sista! Love her Faith and conscious lyrics, as well as her separation from the rest ... I never liked lady saw and her punany business, I am truly happy to hear someone at last, who,was using her voice and her talent to speak Truth and Wisdom, to wake up the massive.”

“Karamanti’s songs are breath taking.”

“Queen Dancehaal Karamanti !!! best Dancehall Woman !! Blessed Up Respect”

“I really love your songs, Karamanti”
Bionic Dancehall Records

“Massive Voice!! Beauty-Full Song!! Bless UP”!!!
Reggae Strong