Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Karamanti collaborates with Ghana’s dancehall icon, Stonebwoy Burniton

Recording artist Karamanti, who is based in Kingston Jamaica recently connected with one of Ghana’s most recognized dancehall artist, Stonebwoy Burniton. The two agreed to work together after being interviewed on the Karl X radio show out of the UK on the same day.

The agreement which was made via a social platform will see them collaborating on two tracks. The first of the two is “X-Factor”, which was produced by Infectious and is a record by Stonebwoy Burniton, featuring Karamanti. The follow up song will be produced by Newton Walker and will be a record by Karamanti featuring Stonebwoy Burniton.

Persons may listen and download “X-Factor” here: http://soundcloud.com/karamanti/stonebwoy-x-factor-ft

Both camps are hoping that this cross marketing effort will help each artist break new ground and acquire a fan base from the others region.

About Karamanti

Though the Reggae/Dancehall industry is dominated by men, Karamanti stands as a strong black woman, (in her home town of Kingston, Jamaica) raining showers of conscious lyrics to a generation far from reality.

Karamanti has spent the last few months recording for established Jamaican producers on several rhythm driven projects. Additionally, she has done songs for quite a few international producers; For Strike Dee who is based in Ghana, Africa, Karamanti penned the “African song” and for Pharfar who is based in Denmark, she recorded “Balkan dance” and “read”. Karamanti has also recorded for Toronto based label, Across De Traxx Records and that is just to name a few.

Though she is regarded as a reality artist, Karamanti has no problems stepping outside her box from time to time and engaging listeners in what she refers to as pure entertaining rhetoric. This is what she did on her single “don’t it” which was produced by Red Boom from Hard at Work Music (a Jamaica based record label). The track exposed her to a different audience who overwhelmingly insisted on a video, which was produced and released to TV in May of this year. Karamanti spent the month of July engaged in a nationwide media tour which had her performing and/or being interviewed on all the major entertainment radio and TV programs in Jamaica. That media tour was followed up with a Canadian tour which saw her hitting the stage on major events such as the Montreal Reggae Festival and the Toronto Rasta Festival. Now back home in Jamaica, Karamanti is busy laying tracks for her first official studio album.

About Stonebwoy Burniton

To all in the Ghanaian Dancehall and music circuit he is known as Stonebwoy Burniton. He hails from the Volta region of Ghana and upon realizing his talents and abilities as a lyricist and script writer at an early age, he immediately began writing and acting drama pieces while in grade four at his primary school. Since then he has never stopped singing both songs that he has written and those by artists that influences him. 

Stonebwoy officially began recording his own tracks nearly a decade ago in a small recording studio set up by a family member. Since then he has spent most of his time composing and performing.  In his first year at Senior High School, he was introduced to a radio DJ/presenter at Adom FM in Tema who at the time was the host of the KASAHARI show.  On this show, upcoming artists would have battles every Saturday. Once he got involved in the show, Stonebwoy was victorious in every battle and can proudly say that he has never been defeated to this day.

Stonebwoy released his first radio track “Makuma” (My Heart) in his second year at Senior High School and several others later that same year.  By his third year, he had acquired himself a stable underground popularity and was thereby able to release another track titled “Empress” which held him up even after leaving school in 2007.  After that, things have happened in quick succession and Stonebwoy started working with S24 studios. This is one of the more established Reggae/Dancehall studios in the region as they are responsible for hits from artistes such as Samini, Tic Tac, Kwawkese, Okomfuor Kwaade, Afro Moses, Bukbak to name a few.

Stonebwoy has done various collaborations with several artists such as VIP, Samini, Kwawkese, Obrafour, Afro Moses, Blackrasta and many others.  The latest in his ventures include the release of his debut studio album in March of this year, with several tracks topping the charts in Ghana. Songs such as "climax” ft Samini, “Onumade” ft Tinny, “Ghetto Love” ft Irene and “above the skies” ft Edem are all buzzing on the airwaves in the west Africa country. Stonebwoy is currently in the UK on tour fulfilling what he says is his mission to spread AFRO REGGAE DANCEHALL to the outside world. Simultaneously in Ghana he has two recently released singles, "Twincity ft Humble and "submarine", that are doing quite well.