Monday, December 31, 2012

Thanks for 2012

Thanks to all radio DJs, club DJs, sound DJs, mix tape DJs that played a Karamanti tune in 2012. Thanks to all TV and radio host that mentioned me whether in a negative or positive way on their program. Thanks to all publicist that assisted me. Thanks to everyone that’s affiliated with the company responsible for most of my promotion, MJE. Thanks to all producers who worked with me in 2012 as well as those who wanted to work with me. Thanks to all the artists I collaborated with in 2012 and those that expressed interest in collaborating with me. Thanks to everyone who spent money on my behalf regardless if it’s a little change or a lot of money, thank you. Thanks to everyone who took time out to listen to my music. Thanks to those who encouraged me with kind and harsh words, thank you. Thanks to every promoter that booked me in 2012, thank you. To all the people that listen to my music and send me messages to say how they appreciated the road I have chosen to take, thank you. Thanks to all the DJs who spent their hard earn money buying Karamanti dubs in 2012, thank you.

If I have offended anyone in 2012 for whatever reason I apologize. There was a time when I started to feel like I was all that and a bag of chips, if in that moment I was rude to you please know that I have been humbled and I do sincerely apologize. If you’ve reached out to me to work with me and I refused it must have been for a good reason so please do not take it personal, let’s link in the future and revisit the situation. If you are a DJ that have asked me for jingles or dubs and have not gotten it as yet, please be patient with me, I intend to get back on schedule right after the holidays.

I enjoy making music and have decided that I want to do this for the rest of my life. If you are truly into my music and would like to speak with me directly for whatever reason you can add me on BBM if you have one the pin is: 30B9E545. If you do not have a BB you can add me on skype, my name there is karamanti1, or you can simply message me on my FB page:

Stay Focus, Work Hard & Have Fun