Monday, March 25, 2013

Karamanti Global Online & Street Team

As we get ready to release “Dancehall Retaliates”, Karamanti’s studio album on April 25th, we are reaching out to you, supporters of Karamanti’s songs to get on board and help us to promote the album.

Benefits of joining Karamanti’s Global Online & Street Team:
1.       Members of the team will get free Karamanti merchandise such as T-shirts, hats etc.
2.       A section on Karamanti’s website will be dedicated to the team and members will be mentioned there (
3.       Members will get free entrance to Karamanti events in their respective city
4.       Members will be given free music from the upcoming album
5.       If you are a DJ/Sound person, you will get free dubplates and jingles
6.       Members get to select which song from the new album is released as a single and video

What is required from Karamanti’s Global Online & Street Team?
Members of the team will be asked to consistently promote brand Karamanti (music & merchandise) on their social and music platforms. The benefits will be rewarded to members who are actively involved in the promotion process.

For more info, or to sign up, simply send an email to with the subject ONLINE & STREET TEAM.