Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Dancehall Retaliates Available Online!!!

Dancehall music, culture and lifestyle have been in the hot seat for some time now. Many in the corporate arenas have said that anything associated with Dancehall should not be sponsored and as such, have refused to support these events.

Jamaican based artist, Karamanti, response to all who speaks negatively of Dancehall with a full length album and a video defending both the music and the culture. The project is called “Dancehall Retaliates”. On some of the hardest Dancehall beats, she explains that no one should judge the genre of Dancehall based on a few negative elements within it. As she puts it, she is also a part of the Dancehall community and she does not do slack, violent or degrading music.

Dancehall Retaliates is now available on online at: but persons may stream the entire album for free on Karamanti’s website at:

Karamanti speaks about Dancehall Retaliates here: