Thursday, August 22, 2013

German Dancehall Artist calls on Karamanti for collaboration

Since returning to Jamaica from her European tour, Karamanti has been extremely busy recording new music all at the request of several overseas producers and artists. Her latest single is a combination with German dancehall artist, Beniman, who reached out to her a couple weeks ago asking for the collaboration. The track is called “I love my life” and Karamanti’s part was recorded at Mixing Lab Studio in Kingston with the final mixing and mastering being done at Rough Cut Studio in Germany. Persons may listen and download “I love my life” here:

With all the new demands being placed on her, Karamanti has had to hire a road manager to take charge of her street promotion in Jamaica. Dugal, also known as Capital is now working in that capacity and has already secured rotation in some of the top dances in Kingston. In addition to recording new music, Karamanti is also busy preparing for a trip to Canada where she hopes to continue promoting her album, Dancehall Retaliates, as well as her new singles.

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