Monday, June 9, 2014

Truth seeker Karamanti finds peace amidst the religious confusion and offers her solution

Although religion is perceived as a force for good, in reality it has been used to orchestrate more evil than good. The bane of religion has been the pain it has offered humanity, through its creation of a safe haven for intolerance, animosity and confusion.

The belief in divinity is innate to mankind yet the existence of a sole faith in any given community is so unlikely to find. This is because the official doctrine and practice of beliefs offered by religious authorities do not always agree with privately held beliefs of some members in a particular religion, hence creating a state of confusion.

Typical of the reality speaker to add her voice to topical issues, Karamanti found it necessary to educate her family, friends and fans in a song on religion. Produced for RHOME RECORDS on the LIFE TRIANGLE RIDDIM and herein attached, hear “Hold On”.

Hold on to your faith, tolerate do not hate; and with all religion relate!