Tuesday, August 19, 2014


Jamaican based Reggae/Dancehall artist Karamanti will be in the province of Quebec, Canada from Friday September 26th through Sunday October 5th as she promotes her recently released singles and videos. Having completely changed her style and sound the artist is taking her new music directly to fans so as to introduce them to the new Karamanti. She also hopes to widen her audience with the change.

Karamanti is scheduled to perform at Passeport Bar located at 2037 Rue Saint-Denis Montréal, Île de Montréal H2X 3K8 on Thursday, October 2nd. She will be performing an all Reggae set.

Persons interested in working with Karamanti while she is in Quebec are asked to contact Mikaël Saxemard via phone at + 1 514 - 497 – 4284 or via email at mighty.communication@gmail.com 

Listen to new music from Karamanti

Download mp3: https://t.co/xXo5LitHLC

Download mp3: https://t.co/HKOeS6022o

Watch new videos from Karamanti

Karamanti on twitter: @Karamanti
Karamanti’s official website: www.karamantimusic.com
Karamanti on you-tube: www.youtube.com/KaramantiTV