Thursday, October 9, 2014

(NEW MUSIC) It’s a lie – Karamanti

it's a lie
it's not movie time
this is your life
yu got to be wise

do what's right
make good choice
trust di most high
and don't fear no guy

lights camera action yu on
star yu owna show from di day weh yu born
yu a di lead actor no second in command
so film can end any way weh yu waa
a yu fi determine an know weh fi gwan
select all di cast members co stars
di point me a mek is yu a di boss
an a real ife dis no film weh fi pause


yu affi think fi yuself yu fi know dat
big war a gwan fi yu mind an it so sad
don't follow fren enemy follow no one
a your life yu choose don't tek program
and as yu trod true earth yu fi know don
real life dis a no no dress rehearsal
so don't mess around wid yu time pan earth action ova talk youths work


yu fi break from di norm
if dem a run don't run stay calm
if dem a mek nuff noise and a gwan
yu stay quiet don't sound di alarm
tek di road less travel when u walk
ye it ago bring blood and sweat it ago draw
when it said and done u have peace and fun inna life yo dat is all yu waa

-          IT’S A LIE written & performed by Karamanti
-          Vocals recorded by Snysh at Mixing Lab Studio (Kingston, Jamaica)
-          IT’S A LIE produced by Christopher G for Christopher-G Records & Black on Black Productions (St. Thomas, Jamaica)