Saturday, April 9, 2016

Lyrics for "Note to Self"

yo dem no betta dan youuuuu
dem got a brain well guess wah yu got one too
no educated but you a no edie boo
though you no go a no college
still from di street yu get knowledge
so you know how fi live

@ di end a di month don't yu bills dem pay you no beg one soul
so why di hell yu a mek dem talk and a gwan and a treat yu like a kritch hole
it obvious dem don't like yu why yu a act like you don't know
wait, yu desperate well waa friends or yu self esteem juss low
mi no know

me ask from mi heart this
from weh day is a thing me a notice
dem dis you you just take it
like yu duty or sick wid rabies

yo stop dat thing yaa lady
recognize who you are who you can be
check di meaning of Karamanti
warrior we no soft n dainty

from today yu betta stop move shakky
dismiss & remove friends weh shaddie
affirmations do them daily
now hear me'


why yu do dat
why yu waste your time why yu don't stop
yu a show dem love weh dem don't got
while dem a work hard fi yu ting flap
yu nuh see say yu a big time ediot
everyday yu a sit dung an a tek crap
no man dis garbage must stop
mi cyaa watch it nuh more pls help God

dis a di big intervention
from today is a new direction
new day new goal new program
from now on is a brand new slogan

first of all separate yu acquaintance
know who a friend know who a love ones
know who yu can really depend pan
from who just a role true yu write song

finally work pan yu emotion
self confidence determination
your rules your world your creation
always have  high meditation

memba weh dem say bout opinion
like asshole everybody have one
but like how a God yu a program
a him alone you fi a medz pan

try avoid dem ya dutty likkle pagan
weh a suck energy like a craven
dem no think wholla dem lack vision
it end right now DECISION


I wrote “Note to Self” after realizing that a few people I was assisting with the advancement of their careers were speaking negatively about me behind my back. When I found out, it came as a great shock to me because these were people that I truly admired. I had to then have a real conversation with myself regarding why I am continuously aiding persons who clearly do not care for me. It is while having these inner dialogues that I came up with the track “Note to Self.”

Regarding the video, it was necessary, I believe, to make the video very entertaining because of the style of the beat. It is for this reason that I reached out to the All In One Skankaz aka A1 Skankaz (dancers) and invited them to be a part of the project. Though it is filled with a lot of dancing, I still tried to maintain the message of the words by having emerging actress Shernette Williams play the role of Karamanti.

In closing let me say that I hope you enjoy the video, but most importantly, I hope you learn from it. No one is better than no one else and if you are around people that are belittling you then you need to move on. Please leave your comments below and let me know your thoughts, and if you think this message can help someone else, go ahead and share it.